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Online video analysis is in more demand then ever... I know many of you are stuck at home, so I've come up with some very special pricing to help your game remotely.  All video analysis will be done by me personally.  If you would like to have your swing analyzed and spend this time making changes that will take your game to new levels, sign up now.

We will work together with videos, photo comparisons, email, text and even FaceTime.  I will be offering this until the foreseeable end of COVID-19 lock up.  I will be doing video lessons for $20 per session or 3 for $50.

An invoice will be sent from Mark Smith Golf to your phone or email.  

Payment will be accepted with Credit Card.


I will need a good video footage.  

  • Your iPhone (iPad) or Android phone shoots great video but it should be taken in the Slo-Mo Mode.  This shoots at higher frame rate than standard video.

  • It's always best to have the phone or iPad on a tripod or attached to a stick rather than a hand-held.

  • I'll need camera views from two angles:  DLT (Down the Line View) and CV - (Face On View).

  • The camera height should be about elbow high and the DTL should be taken directly inline with the grip.

  • Frame yourself as close as possible showing the ball and the club should be visible throughout the swing.

  • Send each video footage directly to my phone via email or text. or 419-304-8119.

  • OR you may also download and use the V1 HOME App.


STEP 1:  Download and install V1 Home Software from your App Store.  Launch the V1 Software and register your software, which will also create an account for you on Mark Smith Golf.  You may upgrade at anytime to the Premium Edition which provides additional features,  Mobile users should download one of the mobile apps by clicking the banner ad below.

STEP 2:  Get your athletic motion on video.  Capture one motion from the front view and one motion from the Down the Line View.  Be sure to edit the video as necessary (only clips that are under 10 seconds will be accepted).

STEP 3:  Upload your video to your online locker and assign it to Mark Smith Golf.

For more information or other questions, don't hesitate to call, text or email me.

Hope to hear from you soon!


419-304-8119 (cell)






Video Tip #1 - Intro & Short Game

Video Tip #2 - Impact... Nail Visual

Video Tip #3 - Impact... Impact Tee Visual, position

Video Tip #4 - 6 Golf Positions Full Swing

Video Tip #5 - Short Game Toe Drill

Video Tip #6 - Connection & Extension 

Video Tip #7 - Short Pitch Shot - A possible Tony Finau fix. 

Video Tip #8 - Distance Control.  The "Hopscotch" Drill.

Video Tip #9 - Golf Plane Full Swing. "Kick Stand Drill"  

Video Tip #10 - Greenside Bunker "Draw a line in the Sand"

Video Tip #11 - "The Gate Drill" Possible remedy for the Over the Top move

Video Tip #12 - "Back 'n Forth" Drill.  Free up the swing for better posture and power.

Video Tip #13 - Downhill Lie/Uphill Lie

Video Tip #14 - High Pitch Shot over a bunker

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